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Retrieve data from social media platforms

I’m currently building a marketplace on Bubble. On my user’s profile-dashboard page, I would like each user (can be a company or individual):

  • to be able access and display data-analytics about the social media platforms he has (FB, Twitter. TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube)
  • and graphically show those figures are growing over time (such as # of posts, #of likes, # of followers etc… )

Is it possible to retrieve all this data for each individual user? What would be the right way to do it?


I am also looking at this concept for a different purpose - pulling TikTok analytics to display in pdf.

Some of the analytics data you want is available at certain networks, such a FB, but not at places likeTikTok via their official integration.

See my answer here for more details: Sharing Content on Social Media - #4 by gbourne