Bubble project migration to different bubble account

hello i have developed my project on my personal account and my friend would like me to move my project over to their account, is there a way to do this other than sharing the project and giving them access to it? i need it to be on his account only

Settings > Collaboration > Invite a user (email) > Click Transfer

when i perform transfer will they get their own version of the app and will i lose access to the project? or is it shared?

The entire project will be transferred from your account to their bubble account (they will be the new owner of the app). If you need to be able to access it after a transfer, the person you transfer to needs to add you as a collaborator (Only available on professional plan and up)

If you use the collaboration tab within your app editor to transfer the app to another user, then the entire app will be transferred to their account. You would no longer have access to it on your account. They would have to add you as a collaborator to the app for you to regain access.

You could copy the application, then transfer the copy to your friend from the copied app’s collaboration tab within its editor.