Copying a project from one account to another

is it possible to duplicate and copy a project from one account to another?

I’m doing a project on my customer’s account and I want to copy it to mine for my portfolio…

Yes. In settings you can transfer the app to someone else. :+1: … As long as they give you permission to do so of course. I hope this was helpful.

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Make sure you make a copy of the app on you main Bubble dashboard first because when you transfer it you lose it so if want to keep a copy forYourself you need to make it before you do the transfer.


Is it possible to copy an app from one account to another? Not transfer it? If so, how is this done?

i guess you can dupicate the app and then send the copy you made to the other account

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I looked for how one would duplicate an app, and suddenly saw the “copy” icon at the bottom of the app display widget.

Pilot error.


You got it in the end. That’s the main thing.

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