Bubble pulls local time from browser or computer?

I have tried this with my VPN & dates are not changing relative to my location.

Is it because Bubble checks time from desktop and not browser?

Any ideas on how I can get the dates to change automatically to end-user the time relative to their IP Address’ timezone?

I’ve done LOTS of research - want to say thanks to @keith for all the great resources you’ve shared. Sorry - I’m missing something probably very simple here :sweat_smile:

If I try to format it, the element changes to text. should I swith my DB item to a text element instead of date and time?


Thanks for your help, everyone!

Hey, @ChefThomas,

I didn´t really undertood what´s the issue.

The Current date/time is taken from the user’s computer.

Her´s a link that can be useful :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

OK - so, it’s not taken from their browser, but their computer?

(browser is attached to the internet and date can be modified with a VPN where the “computer” is a system time that is not impact by a VPN).

@hacker - thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

In my demo above , i’m showing that by using a VPN there is no change to the event’s posted time. So, I’m trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong OR if it’s because using a VPN is pointless to see if the time changes when a user is viewing the event info from another time zone because the time they see is impact by they’re “computer’s” time, not their browsers…

Yes, it’s from the computer.

I don’t really know, but I think the VPN is useless in this case, maybe someone else know more about this :grinning: :computer:

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Yes, so since it takes it from the computer time you can switch up your computer’s time zone to test. A VPN changes up your geographic location on the browser and that’s all I believe

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what about API Workflows?

Let’s say I want to delete a list of things everyday at 23:59 (or 11:59 p.m.). Will the API Workflow delete the things when it is 23:59 local time of the user or 23:59 where the bubble server is located?

I believe local time

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