Bubble removed $3,000 credits without telling me

I am a member of Microsoft’s Founders Hub which included $3,000 bubble credits. I submitted my request to access the credits on May 28. On May 30 I received an email from Bubble saying that my $3,000 in Bubble credits was now unlocked. I decided to use the credits to upgrade from the “Personal Legacy” plan to “Growth”.

Then on June 10 I receive a charge from Bubble on my credit card for $232. I then check my bubble account and it says I have $0 worth of credits. I email Bubble asking them why I was charged and where my credits went, they replied with this:

" Hi Tanner,
Thanks so much for following up- I just heard back from the Marketing team that there was an automation error that led to the confirmation emails being sent to your email. Because this offer is only for new users who have not yet had paid plans with Bubble, the Marketing team confirmed that your account is very unfortunately not eligible for these credits.
We are so sorry for the false alarm and inconvenience!"

I asked them why they didn’t notify me about this and I told them that I wanted to return to the “Personal Legacy” plan because I only upgraded based on my belief that I had $3,000 bubble credits which would expire in November.

They responded with this:

" So I just checked with the Marketing team and they indicated that the [terms]of the credit offer exclude any users who had existing paying accounts with us, so while we are not able to extend the offer of the credits, we’d be happy to brainstorm options for straightening out your billing.
There are a few options here:

  1. If you choose to downgrade to the Starter plan (as the Personal Legacy plan has been deprecated and is no longer available for apps that moved off the Legacy model), you will receive prorated credit to your account for the difference of the upgrade to Growth. This credit will then be automatically applied to future subscription fees. In order to accept this option, you can downgrade the application to the Starter plan under Settings->App Plan.

  2. If you would prefer a refund to those credits, I can initiate the refund approval request process as soon as you complete the same downgrade to the Starter plan.

Do let me know which option you would prefer!"

Does anyone have any advice handling this situation? I think my best route is to take the refund, downgrade to Starter and then cancel that when I am done moving my app to a different platform.

Hi @tanner_keelan

I see that your account is only from March 2023. Normally, Bubble should have reset your account to the original package. But I understand Bubble, they don’t want to make exceptions, otherwise a lot of people will want to do the same. You can go back to the Starter plan, and you’ll have credit for several months. You can also take the free plan, and from time to time, activate the starter plan, depending on how your application develops. Bubble makes a pro rata of daily usage. But I don’t have all the information since the new plans.