Bubble Rich Text Editor and New Responsive compatibility soon?

Hello Bubble Team ping @josh

It would be nice to have the Bubble Rich Text Editor usable with the new responsive engine guys :slight_smile:

This is a basic future and not having it compatible is terrible lol

Thank you


@bubble This seriously needs to be on the top of the minor list. Looks atrocious in the new responsive.

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I agree that this (along with every other plugin) needs to have compatibility with the new engine as soon as possible…

But I’ve been able to get the Bubble Rich Text Editor working just fine with the new engine, just by putting it inside a container element and making sure there’s no max width set on the rich text editor itself (that way it expands to fill the parent container and effectively).


Same, but my issue has been height. As more text is added, the rich text editor seems to want to hold on to it’s parameters. Width seems to be ok.

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Has anyone been able to resolve this? I am trying all possible CSS possibility but nothing seems to be working :frowning:

@emmanuel @adamhholmes @Sarah_Esteve Need Help with Rich Text Input plugin with the new responsive engine.


i’m gonna +1 up this!

Yeah this is way overdue

I’m going to +1 up this one too

Bump. @nickc any ETA for this?

What is everyone doing for an interim solution?

I’m currently just not using it on the front end (don’t need it) and back end setting it at a fixed width.

zzZZzzZZzzz… hey bubble.io ???

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+1…and a character limit would be nice too :wink:

Also running into this issue +1

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@sam.morgan maybe ?

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+1. To think that bubble is so advanced but rich text editor is still not

I have updated the responsive engine in sone pages of my app and discovered the responsiveness issue of the rich text editor… for now, decided to replace them with multiline text inputs, accepting to loose the rich text…
It’s about time to have a look at his bubble team @eve! Please!!


Hi Guys,
@di_lucena @harab.business @steven11 @ahmed.khodeir.87 @lantzgould
We have made a few tweaks to bubble’s rich text editor and made it compatible with bubble’s new responsive engine. You can install this plugin and enjoy the Rich Text Editor with new responsive engine features.

This is the link to the plugin: Rich-Text-Editor (Responsive) Plugin | Bubble

Didn’t Bubble already update their Rich Text editor to the new responsive engine a while ago?..