How to make Bubble rich text editor full width?

I have a rich text editor I’m trying to make full width.

the container it is in is full width, but there’s no setting for a % width for the actual text editor? So how do you make it full width?

Hi @nick14
I think you are using Legacy text editor which is sadly not responsive yet
You have to find other text editor (Which is responsive)

if you can’t then you can try this trick but it won’t cover full width (but it helps)

hmm this is the one I’m using? It’s the one not marked as legacy?

@nick14 I think both are legacy that’s why you can’t see latest responsive settings
I am using this Text editor (it’s not free but worth it to buy)

Also you can see the demo before buying :point_up_2:
Here are the layout settings of this editor (responsive)…

Hi Guys,
@viquarahmed07 @nick14
We have made a few tweaks to bubble’s rich text editor and made it compatible with bubble’s new responsive engine. You can install this plugin and enjoy the Rich Text Editor with new responsive engine features.

This is the link to the plugin: Rich-Text-Editor (Responsive) Plugin | Bubble