Bubble session length


@cmarchan In Session Time-Out? you explain how to set if a user should be automatically logged out after 24 h or not.

Is that timed logout based on user activity or a simple timer just throwing the user out after 24 h?

In my use case the user is logged in using a magic link (generated and sent to a master app via an API endpoint that then redirects to that magic link). Is there a way to get the same setting as when using the action “Log the user in” in my case", so that the user is logged out after X hours?

Best, Peter

Hello @philledille !

Per my understanding is based on a timer.
As for setting a time for user being logged-in … the link can be set to be valid from 0 to 24 hours. After that once the user logs in I do not know how to set it other than monitoring for those users who get emailed this link and then build a timer when the app detects an action. Or when the page loads … start a timer?

Thanks for coming back on this.

I’ve arrived at the same point as you - I need to build a timer. However, I need to do it in the back end since I need to log them out even if they close the browser tab.

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