How to force logout user after 60 minutes elapsed

Hello folks,

Is it possible to force the user log out after 60 minutes elapsed?

I’m on free version still.


Hello @rafael.alima

Do you want to logout the user if he still active or writing?
There’s some plugins that detect user activity (counter):

Set a custom event and set an action log the user out

On page load schedule the custom event 60 mins from current date/time

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hi @JohnMark I need to log out if users active or inactive.

hi @cmarchan but if the user navigate to other pages? the schedule will restart from 0?

Can you demonstrate an example?

Thanks for all.


Send the remaining time to every new page


The secure way is to use the ‘schedule’ workflow or use an external ‘timer’ calling a Bubble API.

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Hello @cmarchan but this way is very hard to manage.


Hello @JohnMark to use schedule workflow, I need have a professinal plan?

Hello @rafael.alima Rafael,

The hobby plan is the minimum required.

Hi @JohnMark and @cmarchan, thanks for your help.

I thought of another solution:

1- I installed the cookie handler plugin
2- I put this element in my reusable element like the header because it is shown on all pages
3- I make this element read the cookie that will be created by workflow, just add the name of the cookie
4- I created an “on load page” workflow to create the specifical cookie with any content and 3600 seconds of duration, that will be run only when the element cookie handler value is empty
5- If it is empty it means that the session expired (the cookie don’t exists) and then I redirect the user to the login page’s
6- The new cookie will be created and the new session will be valid for 60 minutes again, initiating a new cycle



Folks, I need this solution to force the user to generate a new token from my API through the login, because it’s not a good practice to renew this automatically.


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