Bubble Status Emails & Reporting

As all of us know, Bubble goes down from time to time and rather than complain about it we just deal with it hope it gets resolved quickly. I subscribe to Bubble’s status updates so that I can be aware when it goes down and where it’s resolved. However, these have proved to be not very useful, especially in knowing if it’s resolved. For example, today in the space of 30 minutes I’ve received 10+ emails going back and forth between, “there’s a major issue” and “the issue has been resolved” all within a few minutes of each other. And then of course I look at my app every time and it’s still not loading…I guess my question is, would it be possible to only send the “issue resolved” email when it’s been confirmed that it’s actually resolved? Maybe I’m the only one who has a problem with the way it’s currently handled, maybe there isn’t a better way, just wanted to voice my experience.

I think that is a typical automated message. I got that from a few different sites that I use. Even Calendly was sending me updates like that too. :blush:

Sorry about the spam – we have it configured to automatically post to our status page whenever our automated systems detect an outage and alert a human, so that in the window between a human being alerted and being able to type an update, people aren’t wondering “is bubble just down for me?” But in this incident, our automated systems went a little berzerk and kept toggling between “it’s broken!” and “it’s fine!”

In situations like this, we’ll generally put up a second, manually-controlled status message with more details: https://status.bubble.io/incidents/fbqsm00qxmqh

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Have to confess the status system is much better than before — it’s great we now get updates about this stuff, albeit a bit excessive.