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Bubble Still Has NOT Exposed a State of "Uploading" on multifile Uploader?

Has Bubble still not done this? It has been years since people have been requesting something simple like this.

Why is there not a state exposed for use in dynamic expressions from a multifile uploader element being ‘is loading’?

Come on @bubble please get this added into the multifile uploader plugin…it has been badly needed for years and shouldn’t be too difficult…after all the picture uploader has this state exposed, why can’t the multifile uploader?

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 4.33.39 PM

The multifile uploader is very helpful, but so ugly in the design during upload that it is necessary to get it hidden and to do that easily we need access to a state of ‘is loading’…

Anybody have another way to hide the element when it is starting to load?

Only thing is from over 2 years ago and could be so much simpler and doesn’t work in the event the user decides not to choose any files to upload as it has to rely on the ‘uploader value is changed’ trigger which obviously won’t trigger until the upload has been finished.

@bubble how about a little hackathon and get some cheap wins for the community?


Agreed, there are a lot of minor things, low-hanging fruit, that could make a really big difference in the greater scheme of things for the user base.

An end-of-year hackathon would be greatly appreciated, it’s been a good while since the last one.

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Definitely a good idea on the timing of when it could happen. A Way for Bubble to end the year strong.