Multi-file uploader - How to hide the uploading status?

Hello everyone…

Is there any way to hide the process of uploading in the Multi-file uploader Dropzone?

I like to implement my own loading icon… but I can’t get rid of the green status bar.
Is there any way to trigger an event? I have tried with the condition but it hides once the upload is finished.

Is there any way to hide it when the upload is taking place?


There is a way…I don’t recall how, but a user posted on a forum post not too long ago a way to do…have a search of the forum and you should be able to find it.

yeah, I saw it 15 minutes before… and I implemented it. Still is not good… you have no idea what going on behind the Multi-file (that was covered with a group) and when you want to upload more files… Its a mess.

Thanks for your answer though.

I thought somebody showed how to do it with custom code, that doesn’t require a hidden group.

yeah… I did it with a group… the other way is to hide it… still you don’t know whats going on…

I was referring to this one. I have not attempted to implement it myself, so can not comment on it’s effectiveness, but it was on the forum as I suspected.

It is the second in this list

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No, I was referring to something else.

But thanks for the link… I will take a look.

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