Bubble Stripe plugin: dynamic currency input for charging users

I am building a semi-global app and was trying to implement Stripe connect with Bubble Stripe plugin.

I was wondering if it would be possible for the plugin to have a dynamic currency field instead of the current static list in the “Charge the Current User” action (and potentially other actions)?

I think even if the list was static, it would be awesome if we could select to input the currency code dynamically (i.e dynamic field input must match one of the currency codes from the static list). It would save people the hassle to create workflows for each currency they want (in my case 20+). My apologies if this was discussed in another thread already - I couldn’t find one.


As someone currently dealing with multiple currencies and lots of Conditions, this would be awesome


@gf_wolfer how’d you do on the multi currencies?

Did you find a work around for dynamic currency code prefixes? i.e. USD = $ or Euro = Euro symbol based on the currency code itself vs. setting up 100 different conditions for each of the codes??

I am lucky where my app only deals with USD and CAD right now, so the dollar signs and formatting are the same.

So really the only parts I need to have conditions for are the Stripe Actions - charges, refunds, etc.

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If you are doing a points system I know your solution! Simply Make sure you have the points named something and that it is a number then you want to create a workflow on the buy button for make changes to user

Next Step Select the currency from the user type then you want to put This Users, The User Currency Type and select minus sign and put how much you are subtracting and then go to the only when part and select Current Users , Points and select the greater than or equal to sign. and put the price of the thing.