Bubble Stripe plugin: field type "stripe subscription item id" not selectable as parameter for API endpoint

I am trying to minimize my front view workflows for the pricing page. I have a subscription with multiple selectable add-ons. This can result in three subscription items. I had the perfect solution to select these plans in a custom state list and then do a api workflow on a list to create the subscription items for that user.

Turns out that I cannot send the “stripe subscription item id” value as a parameter to the api endpoint because there is no field type “stripe subscription item id” selectable. There is also no field type “stripe subscription id”.

Unfortunately I have to little experience with API plugins to know these questions:
Why are the field types “stripe subscription id” and “stripe subscription item id” not selectable in the API endpoint? It’s important to have that parameter to do Stripe workflows on server side. Is this because this is technical not possible?

My workaround now is to have three identical workflow actions “create a subscription item” where I can point the “stripe subscription item id” field to one of the list items of the workflow action “subscribe the user to a plan”.

You are able to select Data types only.

For instance, there are 2 API calls in the API connector:

  1. Get Invoice
    Type: Data
    This call is available only with Get data from an external API method.

  2. Get Subscription
    Type: Action
    This call is available only in workflow as an action step.

An API endpoint will show you only the first one (Get Invoice)