Stripe: Event ID drop down does not show ID

Problem 1: When I am in normal Workflow and I am scheduling the Stripe API, there is no Event ID for me to select. And if I do something like Result of Step 1 it only allows me to choose Subscription ID, not Event ID.

Problem 2: When User gets the Bubble email triggered by the Stripe API, they get 2 emails. One shows dynamic data with credit card number but missing event ids:

the 2nd email is missing dynamic data like credit card number but is showing the Event IDs.

Problem 3: The To: address of the email cannot pick up Get Stripe Customer’s Event’s Email so I have to use send to email= Current User’s email instead.

Anyone know what is going on? I’m sure all 3 problems are related to Event id not being picked up.

It’s driving me crazy not having a Stripe Manual for the Bubble Stripe plugin.

For anyone having similar issues with Stripe integration in the future;

Problem 1 Solution. I created the parameter key ‘id’, type ‘text’ in the API workflow and once done this parameter is then available:

a) in Schedule a Workflow so that you can use it to pass Stripe Event/Customer/Invoice details from this first transaction to your API endpoint. So for example, if you need to use both Stripe Event and Stripe Customer details in your endpoint you would create 2 parameter keys in your endpoint eg. event and customer.

b) in the API Endpoint action so you can pick up the passed data from Schedule a Workflow and use it

It appears to be okay to leave the event_id in Schedule a Workflow blank.

Problem 2 Solution. I didn’t solve the 2 email issue which only happens in test. One email goes to the administrator and the other to the subscriber.

Problem 3 Solution. Missing dynamic data - the solution makes total sense.

I was using ‘Current User’ in the endpoint in the To field and Body of the email but there is no ‘current user’ when subscriber is being billed by an external service.

I changed all dynamic data to be this structure eg.
Search for Users:first item’s email > Constraint = Stripe Customer ID (field in my DB) = [Get API from external Service > Get Event ID > event_id = id] Get Stripe Event’s Customer ID

I hope this helps someone just as confused as I was!


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