Bubble System Status Webhook failed to send data to my webhook address

Hey - status.bubble.io has this nifty webhook feature. Almost impossible to mess up due to how simple it is… BUT, for some reason all of yesterday the webhook NEVER triggered.

I’ve tested my webhook address with discohook.org, and it works fine.

(My webhook is through discord)

I’m wondering if anyone else has any insight into this. Thanks!

Today marks ANOTHER day of this webhook not sending to my discord.

Again, this works with Discohook.org but Bubble is running into an issue with what I’ve done. Any suggestions?

Hey @bubble, please respond!

Would help if you shared the exact steps you’re using to send the webhook. Share some screenshots if possible.

  1. I created a discord endpoint in my text-channel.
    1a) I copied the webhook URL.
  2. I went to status.bubble.io and subscribed via webhook, using the newly created webhook URL, and pasted that in the form along with my email.
  3. I was notified through my email that my endpoint would now get updates.
  4. To test, I went to discohook.org and pasted by webhook URL in the appropriate field, and then sent a test.
  5. My discord webhook worked and the text was posted inside my text-channel.

However, when Bubble updates, my webhook does not work. I do not know the reason. It’s a two step process, practically, and almost impossible to mess up. Very confused, scared, and afraid.

So to confirm you are essentially trying to implement a system so that when the discord status page sends an update you will have a message posted to your discord channel? On the statuspage you sent I can’t see an option to connect to a webhook? Could you direct me to this page?

EDIT: The link you sent me errors out actually.

I am very sorry. Discord was on my mind so that’s what I typed. Definitely meant status.bubble.io!

Thanks. I suppose that this most probably is a bubble/statuspage issue and not on your end. If you did sign up for e-mail updates (not on the webhook part but the actual e-mail update part) did you receive any e-mail updates?

Hey! Still not receiving any webhooks.

Is there anyone that has successfully implemented status.bubble.io’s webhook feature with discord? Maybe you can share how you did it :slight_smile: