Bubble Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

Adding a new one here - going from List of Things where each Thing has a number field → Cumulative list of numbers. This also uses this tip which I’m adding to the topic.

Displaying within an RG is fairly trivial, but getting the list of numbers natively not so much. The problem is to put in a chart, you need a list of numbers. So, how do we go from a list of data types to a list of numbers that we can pass into a chart? I’ve made a demo here:


  • get list of data types
  • format as text
  • work out the current data types index / item #
  • sum all of the values up until current data’s item #
  • format that as text and split by comma
  • list of cumulative sum numbers :slight_smile:

Probably a couple of solutions to this one but this seems pretty effective and works for most use cases.

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