Bubble Tutoring for All! Even for the Deaf 👋

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to put this out there. I have been teaching people all around the world how to use Bubble for a few years now and realized that I never put it out there that I also know Sign Language. I am actually fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) :wave: and can tutor those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing to learn how to use Bubble as well.

I have been using sign language since 2006 and currently work at Sorenson Communications. Sorenson is a video phone (VP) provider for those who are Deaf all around the United States. If you don’t know already, that is how Deaf people communicate on the phone to those who don’t know sign language.

Anyways, I wanted to offer my services to those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing if they want to learn how to use Bubble. I offer tutoring in English and Sign Language. If you are Deaf from another country I am also willing to work with you too since Bubble is the common “language” so we might be able to figure something out.

If you are Deaf and need Sign Language to communicate I will offer a special discount for your first hour. Mention this post and I will give you $25 off the normal price for the first hour of tutoring! Code “DEAF$25OFF”

Anyways, check out my website www.NoCodeMinute.com and book a tutoring appointment so we can start working together soon!



Very cool, Jason!

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Thanks! Bubble is all about breaking down barriers and if I could encourage Deaf individuals to do the same thing I feel that it’s a win. Deaf are used to having to break down barriers of different sorts, whether it be the language barrier or just other obstacles in their lives. I know Bubble was a life changer for me when I finally was able to build something that I wanted to build for a long time. I am sure they have some ideas of their own as well. Time to unleash the power of Bubble for them as well.

That’s a great initiative! Thanks for doing this.

Thanks! :blush: :raised_hands:

Maybe after this whole COVID-19 settles next time there is a large Deaf Expo you could consider having a speaker give a presentation. They have them in Las Vegas (https://deafnation.com/sponsorexhibit/) and other locations around the world. They even have smaller local events that still have thousands in attendance.

I actually have a lot of experience in public speaking and have done presentations in Sign Language for large events and think it would be cool to go there and give a presentation for Bubble. If you are interested, let me know and we can figure something out. I wouldn’t go there without someone that knows the Deaf community well since it is a tight knit group.

Keep up the good work @emmanuel! Looking forward to the new updated editor whenever that gets released! :tada:

Let’s chat when things are more quiet…

Sounds good. :+1:

That’s awesome :heart:

Thanks! :+1: