Looking for bubble coach/tutor!


I just started using Bubble and looking for someone who can teach some of the things I’m looking to execute. Someone who has experience setting up multi user (multi organization) apps on bubble would be ideal.

Looking to meet on a weekly or biweekly basis for an hour or so over zoom conference or similar. Schedule totally flexible. Please let me know if interested!

Did you consider taking courses like copilot offer?

Hey there, I do tutoring. I charge $100/hr and we we can meet however you would like. I have done multi-user for multi-group web apps. Let me know if you are interested. What area do you live? I am in Southern California near Los Angeles U.S.A.

I understand that sometimes videos aren’t enough, being able to ask questions about your specific needs are important and can get you started quicker that watching a bunch of videos.

https://withcopilot.com/ ? Hadn’t seen it yet, will check it out.

Thanks for reply, I’m in Montreal Canada. Let me know if you have a portfolio or any example apps you have done here or over PM or whatever suits. Thank you

Sure, I will PM you. :slight_smile:

Sent you a link of a video testimonial too. Someone I did a one on one session with. Sent it in a PM.

please check pm

Hi Lauren, you can join over 3000 other Bubblers and learn how to build fully functional web and mobile applications using Bubble with my Complete Bubble Developer Course on Udemy. Go from beginner to advanced with Bubble. Click here to learn more about the course. I also offer online one-on-one Bubble Coaching where we build your app together from scratch. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can jump on a free consultation call with me personally to see how I can be of value to you. Please private message me if you’re interested.

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Hi, Signed up! Still looking for coach/tutor to compliment it. Will be in touch after reviewed all the options, if need be. Thank you!

Great, thank you. Hope it helps! Sure, no problem, I’ll send you my contact details for future reference.

Strongly recommend @romanmg. She’s expert at bubble and has been tutoring since a long time. Not sure if she’s taking up projects currently though.


Thanks, @anil :slight_smile:

Hey, @lauren2! First, welcome to Bubble! It looks like you have some great options to get started with from the Bubblers and resources shared above.

If you still need help, I’d be happy to chat about potentially working together. I sent you a PM with some guides and resources you can use regardless, along with a couple options for working together.


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