Bubble UXUI Redesign

Hi Everyone,
I recently posted a redesign of a bubble app on my twitter(https://twitter.com/isellgreatideas/status/1393727903230214145?s=20) and it got 2508 impressions and 557 impressions.
It’s a redesign from the ‘Dessert Book’ app from the Bubble tutorials.

Just encouraging any other bubble designers out there - there’s a big need for design services in the Bubble community - start sharing your work.
If you’d like to learn more about giving your bubble apps good design you can check out:

Its possible to build well-designed, user-centered bubble apps with good UXUI. Good design creates a positive connection between the product and the user.
Here’s a look at the design:




Beauty, congrats!

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Thank you @machadoa953

Wow. What an awesome difference!

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Cheers Steve! Thanks

Yho hae Abuti ua happen’a hle! That before and after is stunning and ima learn from the link next week. Thanks for plug :muscle:t4::pray:t4:

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@mokhachane You did a fantastic job with this, well done!

The course in its current iteration is to show how to get to the starting point, but the real fun starts when you finish the course and overhaul the design and the data to what you want.

If anyone else has overhauled the Dessert Book app, I would love to see it!

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Kea leboha ausi Lipalesa

Thank you @Jeremy !
I enjoyed the challenge.
I’ll be digging in even more and exploring