Need UI/UX designer to help upgrade my firm's app visually


I represent a funded startup whose core product is a web app built entirely in Bubble. The app’s functionality is 80% built and we have pilot clients lined up but we want to upgrade our UI/UX before our app goes to market.

If you are a UI/UX designer who is interested and can provide links to at least two examples of your work on Bubble apps, please reply here and/or write to me. We work with a number of freelancers and are experienced at providing context to and communicating effectively with them.

Happy to provide more details about the job directly to anyone that is interested and can provide at least two examples of their work in Bubble.


Clients especially love our my UI/UX work! Here are few examples of the apps I’ve built entirely from scratch -

All of these links are of test version so you can explore without limitations:

There are a few more and better examples too, but I can only show them personally over a call. Let’s get on a call I’ll walk you though more pages and design work.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!
Rohan I.