Bubble versions. Incremental upgrades and possible bug?

Hi @emmanuel,

Two things on the versions topic.

  1. If I click on the version 3 I assume that it will do an incremental upgrade right?

  1. Something weird is happening with the versions. It already happened to me when upgrading to version 1. I click on upgrade and then confirm, but whenever I get a new version it says I’m still in Version n-2

So when version 1 was released I upgraded. Two weeks later when version 2 was released I refreshed to make sure everything was peachy and it informed me that I was in version 0 and I could upgrade to 1 and 2. Same thing happened today. I already upgraded to 2 and now that 3 is released it shows that I can still upgrade to 2 and 3.

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Can you file a bug report and we’ll look into it?

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