How do I upgrade to new versions of bubble (incremental vs. not)?

Should I incrementally upgrade, or just click “upgrade” on latest version.

What other tips and tricks if you fall behind on version of bubble?

P.S. - This is an impossible thing to search. “Version control” keeps coming up. But I need help with upgrading to the newest version of bubble.

@brad.h we did step by step upgrade. and really searched for any potential breakdowns. in the end it went all good. @ahmed.elkaffas1 has done the upgrade!

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Always step-by step.

Everytime Bubble releases a new version they make a post here in the forum. So you can search and read not only about the changes, but also about what other users are saying and the issues they are (or not) having. This will give you a north in terms of what part of your app should be affected if something goes wrong…

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Hello @brad.h ,
As @rpetribu Mentioned, yes it should be Always step by step, we have just upgraded our Bubble engine version few weeks ago from version 17 till the latest version 28 (latest version) and all went well as mentioned by @koen1 .

Since it’s almost impossible to test everything in your application after each version upgrade; Let me share with you our approach and recommendations in the below points:

  • The upgrade takes place in the “Main” branch since it is the only branch where Bubble version can be upgraded or downgraded.
  • I created a save point in the “Main” branch after upgrading to each version so we can roll back to a specific version if needed. We were on version 17 and now we are on version 28 which indicates that the last upgrade was 15 months ago.
  • For each version, Bubble shares an announcement on the forum with the sepcific updates or bug fixes & modifications that took place in every version. I collected all the links for the version starting from 18 until 28 just in case we find any issue in the future, we can check out these links and see first if it’s related to a specific version upgrade or not.
  • I upgraded Bubble step by step by reading exactly what were the applied modifications and where they might potentially cause any errors or issues for us and what’s the feedback and issues faced by other community members and this was really useful as it made me have a heads up on what to expect and where exactly to test.
  • Fortunately, there were upgrades that did not affect us at all because they touched areas or elements we don’t use while other upgrades causes some minor issues but overall they were under control and I already fixed them directly in the “Main“ branch.

Hope this helps !

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