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Bubble Video Player/Editor? No more Ziggeo, Youtube, or Vimeo

Hi All,

I am putting my app together (social media site) and was wondering if bubble will have its own custom video player/editor that we could add onto the site? I’m somewhat confused as if I were making a site where users can upload videos, those are actually uploaded to Ziggeo, Youtube, or Vimeo and not the actual app that I created.



Well, that is how Ziggeo works. It is hosted on their servers but you can limit who can see it. Assume the others are the same.

Facebook works like that, so not sure why your app can’t ?

I expect the amount of storage required to host an indefinite number of videos could cause the Bubble business model to become unsustainable and hence fail.
But I could be wrong about that.


Maybe one day we’ll implement our own video encoding service, but it would be probably priced similarly to Ziggeo or other providers. Storage and bandwidth has a cost.


On top of that, there’s a lot of specific technology required to get video right. They don’t charge a lot for nothing :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Thanks for your help guys. That makes more sense now. New to this and learning lots!

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