How to build a video platform on Bubble?

Hi Bubble community!

I am new to Bubble and am planning to build a video platform, where I can upload HTML5 /self-hosted videos to the site (something similar to Netflix theme). In order to watch the videos, users need to subscribe. Would that be possible to do that on Bubble?

I have few questions:

  1. Do you know any pluggin with a great selection of player’s theme? video player customization? fast HTML5 video player? Apart from video.js

  2. For file storage, should I use AWS? Any other recommendations?

Thank you so much for your help!

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@hello.vunela There are video player plugins in the marketplace (1,2) that support customization

Hi @hello.vunela

I have built a video-based website on Bubble previously. I used the AWS uploader plugin to upload videos.

I could not find any video players that resized properly when resized. So I got help developing a private video plugin that did so, It’s currently a lightweight HTML5 player. Let me know if you are interested in this.


You have a few options depending on your needs. I’m maintaining a video app with Ziggeo now.

  1. Easiest: Use the Ziggeo plug-ins via the plugin section.
  2. Harder: Upload to AWS and display on your own via HTML5. This solution gets harder if you want advanced recording/uploading and responsive handling within bubble but also gives you greater flexibility and is cheaper. Sending and receiving video to the browser elegantly is one of the harder things to do in software and is constantly changing space.

Disclaimer I’m biased and built a Ziggeo plugin here:

But I’m a engineering director in my day job and Ziggeo just gets you a POC faster. You could do #1, then implement #2 later pretty easily with bubble. Ziggeo even provides a “Forwarding” functionality to AWS so you don’t have to transfer data when the time comes.



Hi @cneat083,

I checked out your plugin, not sure I understand. Your plugin has the whole Ziggeo JS SDK built-in. So then you can do everything you can do with Ziggeo on Bubble?

You have to subscribe to your plugin ($29 per month) and subscribe to Ziggeo ($99 per month at the cheapest) so $128 per month?

There seem to be alternatives to Ziggeo:

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Storing and streaming video is very expensive per my points above. The bandwidth of data going over the wire is significant.

It’s the same value prop as bubble. Pay for simplicity and speed to market or build a custom solution with complete flexibility.


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