Bubble + Webflow + AppGyver/...?

Hi all, first post here!

I’ve been looking into ways to build an instant delivery platform (essentially Instacart-like) through no code. My client insists on deploying the app in app stores so 100% Bubble is not an option. I could wrap with BDK or a similar tool, but found a different approach that could be interesting and I would like to hear what you think!

Landing page built in Webflow
Backend / inventory manager built in Bubble
Frontend built in AppGyver (or alternatively…?)

My only concern here: AppGyver doesn’t integrate any payment gateway yet so that’d need to be done through some code I guess.

How would you build such a project? Is my approach the right one in your opinion or would you know a better way?

P.S. I’m a designer with no-code experience (some Bubble and lots of Webflow) and hardly any development skills.

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