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Bubble + Weglot: Create Multilingual No-Code Web Apps

Translation tool Weglot now offers an easy and fast way to make your Bubble web application multilingual. Simply add it to your app and in (actual) minutes, Weglot detects the content, translates it using neural machine translation, and then displays it under language subdomains – no more multiple pages for multiple countries!

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@vivienne It’s a great plugin.

I tried to use the " Subdomains" Weglot feature that allows defining the language based on the subdomain (ex. for the German language). But Bubble’s SSL certificate doesn’t support that. Which changes the URL to HTTP instead of HTTPS. That will affect the translated version’s SEO and will make the app un-secure to use.

Is that something Bubble has a solution for?

hi @vivienne - Looks cool! How will this work with Option sets or in general Dynamic content?

Hi @trvry

Weglot Support here, we’re glad you could have tested our subdomain-based integration.
Note that the certificate SSL of your subdomains (the translated versions) is managed on our end, so maybe this could be the reason you notice an issue on your end.
All the domains (your original one and the subdomains) should have a valid certificate SSL and it shouldn’t affect your SEO.
If you’re still experiencing an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] so we can investigate further.
Have a great day,