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Translation tools on top of Bubble (e.g. Weglot, Bablic etc.)

Hi everyone!

Bubble’s approach to multi-lingual websites is still quite unpolished so I thought it might perhaps we easier to just build the app in English and have Weglot/Bablic/Conveythis or similar tools provide the translation.

Does anyone have any experience with such tools? I’d love to hear some insights/tips on whether this is a good approach to take or whether it’d make more sense to stick with what Bubble can do natively.

I’m familiar with Bablic but I haven’t been able to try it on Bablic since I’m on the free plan for now (and I cannot add the JS snippet in the ).




Watching this. We’re in a similar predicament.

Same for me.
Apparently Weglot (which is WAY cheaper than localize.js) offers an integration, but it is not native through a plugin, it is more of a wrapping of the website with some js magic.

Here is their doc:

I have not tried it myself, but if someone has, I would be glad to hear of their feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi, anybody has tried Weglot? Does it translate dynamic text?

I’ve been contemplating adding a translation solution to Progressier for a little while now. Would love to learn more about you guys use cases and the issues with existing solutions.