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Bubble + Zapier + Twilio

Happy start of year 2022 fellow bubblers :partying_face:

Has anyone experienced this issue of connecting Bubble and Zapier? My integration/zaps are working fine: new things created, sent to Zapier, then it zaps up new sms messages in Twilio.

But now & then the Bubble account keeps disconnecting in Zapier (“expired”) and I need to manually reconnect it. This is a response from Zapier support:

"To provide some clarity on why this happens, this limit is set by the app in question, and they don’t typically provide us with a warning before disconnecting the account. …"

Does this mean it is Bubble that disconnects from Zapier? Or could a period of inactivity cause this? (1-2 weeks). For comparison, the connected Twilio account is fine with no need for manual reconnection.

much appreciated!