BubbleCon - who’s attending?

Tickets for BubbleCon in NYC are going for sale starting on Monday, August 7 at 1pm Eastern time.

Who is planning on attending? They state that tickets are limited so I’m curious who is planning on grabbing some on day one?

I’m strongly considering going. I have several customers of my software in New York so I might make a couple of field trips for “site inspections” to their businesses while I’m in town :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I feel that my team has built a good, solid business with Bubble as one of our main tools and I’m eager to meet with others who have done the same.

I’m also curious if anyone else has done as much integration of hardware with their software as we have with our point-of-sale systems or if we’re doing something unique and I’m looking forward to talking with fellow Bubblers in person about it.

I would definitely go if I lived closer! :brazil:

I’m planning on going if I can get a ticket. I’ve been loosely following your business progress for a while and would love to meetup and learn more about you hardware integrations / successes. Generally really looking forward to meet so many of the great folks who’ve been part of this community and have helped me and others throughout the years :slight_smile:

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Tickets go on sale today - who else is going?

I promise this isn’t a paid advertisement; I’m just curious who’s going :sweat_smile:

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I am likely going and would be interested to have a meetup with other post product-market fit SaaS businesses (maybe a minimum MRR or # of customers)


I’m standing by to grab my ticket right now!


Anyone got the email to purchase tickets?


Got my ticket! See you all in NYC in October :blush:


The link is here. Just got mine - see you in NY!


See you in NYC all! We’ll also be there with @vnihoul77


I’d like that too, @gf_wolfer.

I’m hopeful to meet other business owners using Bubble who are a bit past the startup phase and are working on scaling up.

This past year we hit the milestones of switching over to dedicated hosting and now have customers in all 50 states, and moving forward I’m faced with the “big questions” about our infrastructure (both in technology and our team building) as we scale.

I snagged my ticket!


Hey, I’m a B2B SaaS Founder (start-up) and experienced Customer Success/Customer Experience leader - 10 years working in global enterprise SaaS.

Coming over from the UK, want to make the most of my limited time in NY.

I’m looking to meet anybody who is running a saas business (ideally B2B and generating revenue), either start up or scale up.

I’d also be interested in meeting any developers or agencies that might be able to support as we grow, particularly those who have experience with B2B CRM, AI or automation.

I’d be really happy to meet with anyone who would like to chat about customer success/customer experience or wants any advice.

Really looking forward to it.


Got the ticket planning to come over from the Netherlands :netherlands:


If anyone is interested, i’m creating a Telegram Group for people attending. You can write a DM if you want me to add you.


I’ll be there! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

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Please attend- we need to meet!

I’ve been Bubbling since 2019 and now am working full time for a multi unit restaurant group. I use Bubble for some of the brand websites, catering order forms, and lots of internal tools.

However for POS, we’re currently moving 16 stores over to Toast. I’d love to learn more about how you’ve integrated hardware into Bubble.

Let’s connect!

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Super cool, @yaggienick! Looking forward to talking shop with you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey! I’m going. Does anyone know what hotel will be the venue for the conference? The conference address?

They mentioned two hotels but didn’t say specifically what venue the event will be at. I find that a bit odd.

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I found that the recommended hotels were more expensive - the paramount or yotel in times square is a bit cheaper and not too far.

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