Bubblers, what APIs do you need?

Hello, What are the APIs you wish were available for you which you can integrate into Bubble directly? What problem are you solving which requires this API?

Not sure if it exists currently as a plugin or not, but a ‘best route’ for delivery planning. The idea would be to input a list of addresses for delivery, and receive a ‘best route’ complete with directions and estimate time of arrival for each address if a departure time is input from the origin.

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I believe @vini_brito leafy maps plug-in may have that functionality… or close to doing something like that


Hi! Yes, it does, through the Get route from Stadia workflow action :blush:
I’d just need to expose the arrival time data to Bubble, but it’s there already.


Can you help me to find some documentation for leafymap
because it can’t display map and i don’t know how to resolve the problem
it show me this error

That would be awesome.

Sure, here it is Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

@boston85719 Good to know, added that to my backlog :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much

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