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Direction API Integration

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to bubble and nocode as a whole. Don’t have much of a tech background but have been playing around for a few months. I am just starting to work on a new on demand service which will need directions to be given from a location to location. How would I go about doing this? I was thinking of enabling the google maps direction API in the google api console.

Something outlined like this: How to Enable the Google Maps Directions API in Your API Project | WP Google Maps

Would this be what I am looking for? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you all in advance!

maybe look into leafy plugin? i think that would have the support you need… haven’t used it quite yet tho

In my app right now i just have a button that will link to the device’s Google Maps app and load the address into it for the user. (tap directions in my app, then Google maps launches and the user taps “go” in google maps and it takes them there)

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely give it a look.

Out of curiosity, how were you able to create that feature?

Sorry for the late reply! been quite busy lol… but basically it’s just a link, so if you use the action “open external website” then navigate to the deep link structure for ios or andriod (they’re different, and i’ve only actually tested this on iOS) it’ll open the maps app, so mine looks like this:

When NAV button is clicked> open external website:
comgooglemaps://?daddr=1001 N Bluefield Hwy, Kansas City, TN

^^ that’s what’s in the editor field instead of for instance… it’s just that weird looking link with whatever address you want it to navigate to

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