Bubble's API Post Bulk Create Call response: Could not parse as JSON (Can create 1 thing, fails with 2)


I’m trying to use the bulk create feature and it works if I intent to create just 1 thing, but when I pass 2 or more things to create them it fails and get this error message:

{"status":"error","message":"Could not parse as JSON: {\"Date-time\":\"2021-04-01T14:00:00.000Z\",\"Name\":\"dsf\",\"Owner\":\"1602529909058x625996378652707500\",\"Recurring Event ID\":\"1616764122041x216891753239674880\",\"Recurring?\":\"yes\",\"Tags\":[\"1616686748078x771618482210209800\"]}\\n{\"Date-time\":\"2021-04-08T14:00:00.000Z\",\"Name\":\"dsf\",\"Owner\":\"1602529909058x625996378652707500\",\"Recurring Event ID\":\"1616764122041x216891753239674880\",\"Recurring?\":\"yes\",\"Tags\":[\"1616686748078x771618482210209800\"]}"}

I’m using a list formated as text to create the payload and hitting the Enter key in the delimiter field to create a new line.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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@jmalmeida I discovered that this is a current limitation by bubble and a bubble engineer confirmed it.

In my post above there is some info from bubble but also a solution on how to turn into bubble things.

I actually managed to use List Shifter to create the bubble things but at the most it’s taking around 7 seconds to create 48 things.

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Thanks @stuart.warren1.

I won’t be able to do it but at least now I know why.

While they implement it … I’ll take a look at your solution with List Shifter although I preferred not to have to use plugins.

Thanks again!

You should be fine then to use the solution in my post as this wasn’t with list shifter, it was to use a series of workflows with regex.

When I was in the process of implementing the solution in the post, I found a more efficient way via list shifter.

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If you get stuck on the workflows, I’m around to help troubleshoot too (I suggested the non-plugin method on the original post)

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hey @jmalmeida did you ever find a solution to this? Super frustrating!

I didn’t, I’m sorry. You’re right, it’s frustrating!

And I didn’t try the solutions proposed by @stuart.warren1 and @richard10 because I didn’t have the time and needed to finish the work, but it’s on my todo list the day I had time to try it!

I was asked privately about if I had found a solution to this. I had, so posting it here for anyone facing this problem:

  1. Use Body type: Raw
  2. Enter the test JSON directly in the body to initialize the call

cc @stuart.warren1 @richard10 @Andy_i


Hey, @jmalmeida i’ve only just got round to doing this, and it works perfectly! Thank you for sharing that with us! :rocket:

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Happy to help, Andy!

Sheesh. I am struggling with this. At best, the first object is created, and I’ll get errors for the rest of the list.

Bulk is a b @mac2

Holler at me via my cal link if you still have it. I’ll walk u thru it quick!

They are a blessing, imo

Gooood call. Booked. See you monday :pray: :sunglasses:

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For anyone else caught up with this in the future, @jared.gibb is the guy to help you through! Thanks man!

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I would appreciate if someone can tell me what am I doing wrong here, please. I believe I’ve done everything that was explained above. Thanks!

Your body needs to be one new thing per line. Reference for bulk create is here: Data API requests - Bubble Docs

Also discussed a bit differently here: Data API requests - Bubble Docs

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Thanks for replying! I’ve read the docs and put one new thing per line but keep getting the error:

Maybe something is wrong in the auth?

@pachocastillosr - Dude, you’ve got curly quotes in your body JSON items. The delimiter you’re looking for is ".

Also, READ THE ERROR MESSAGE. It’s telling you quite specifically the first thing is not proper JSON. Also, that the second thing is not proper JSON.

If you read the docs (which I can tell you haven’t) you’d get some real pro-tips like use a JSON validator.


In your defense, @pachocastillosr, the docs have a formatting issue in places. Such as:

Obviously this is wrong, but whaddyagonnado?


Hahaha yes, I didn’t just read the docs but even copied that to reassure my formatting was ok. Unfortunately, docs were wrong.

Thanks for spotting that man! It is working now

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