Bubbles Google oAuth plugin shows a consent screen on every sign in

I am having an issue with the oAuth plugin by bubble that I have not had before. When users create an account with google, its shows a consent screen along the lines of:

"By continuing, Google will share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with xyz.com…’

This is normal and expected, however, when an existing user uses sign in with google to simply sign in to their account, they are prompted to re-consent. It is my understanding that this should not be happening for existing users. Any help appreciated.

Also worth noting, I have tried with a scopeless google project and an approved project with non-sensitive scopes.

I noticed the same issue happening with my app. Only recently though

I’m also seeing this. The consent screen is very recent in the last week and has been hurting my signup conversions. Can someone please look into this?

I noticed bubble’s oAuth portion of their documentation is no longer available… Strange.

Looks like a known issue, Bubble needs to change some stuff on their end Google auth2 asks for permission every time when asking for access to the app - Stack Overflow