Oauth / Social Plug Ins Bug Error


We just announced our site publicly TODAY and all of the sudden… users aren’t able to log-in with Facebook or Google as we set them up. Everything has been working well in our live-deployment for the last few days, but something is up now and we can’t figure it out.

Below is the error we receive when we try to log-in from BOTH Facebook or Google. We are able to get to the Google and Facebook oAuth screens, and have been approved on both accounts, which makes me think it is an issue on the Bubble side of things.

Here is the workflows we have for both - pretty simple it seems! Let us know if anyone has any ideas! We appreciate it!

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I’m seeing the exact same thing, and have been trying to resolve this as well. It happens with both FB and Google. Interestingly, with Google, I see the initial screen (where the user selects the account) but cannot see the consent screen (which I should see at least the first time the user picks that account)

We are also taken to the Google account selection screen too! But when it return to Bubble, we get the ‘Temporary Bug’ error.

Do you think it is a bug across the whole site right now?

I think that what it seems like, especially because it’s happening with both FB and Google.

I have the same error like you guys. It’s happen when new user sign up. but old user still fine. Anyone knows how to solve this problem. because my website was fine in the past but now no one can’t sign up.

That’s the same as us. We are told the Bubble team is working on the error now! :pray: