Bubble's Stripe Plugin Doesn't Update Subscription Status

I have setup bubble’s stripe plugin. It works great when subscription is created from the bubble platform but when I update a subscription on Stripe’s dashboard, it doesn’t reflect on Bubble.

I created a subscription on Stripe for an email id with certain customer id
The amount was charged & the status is active but on bubble’s end the stripe subscription is not getting active.

Should I use webhooks for updating such? How do I set it up?
Please help @J805 @Nocodify

I actually haven’t needed to update anything on the Stripe end of things. I normally do it all on the Bubble side. :man_shrugging: I think the Bubble plugin works differently than the other plugins, in that it does some web hooks automatically. That’s why I can access the current user’s subscription status and it updates automatically without the need to define additional web hooks. Maybe someone else can let me know if that is correct.

If I were you, I would try to make an admin panel and do things from Bubble’s side. Or, you can login to the user and update within their page.

Hope that makes sense. Maybe someone else has a deeper knowledge about whether or not a web hook is necessary.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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What if you had to give someone access to the platform without charging them?
I wanted to give access to live site to some friend, I created their subscription on stripe end but that didn’t reflect on bubble. Should I contact bubble team regarding this?

I make a separate user type as userAdmin, or something else like that, where they can have access without needing to pay. That’s how I give myself access. That would be simple enough probably. What do you think?