Bubble not getting updated after customer changes stripe plan in portal

I have custom configurations of the Stripe customer portal. When the user goes through that and upgrades or downgrades their plan, the plan gets updated in Stripe, but not in Bubble. Anyone know how to get the new plan info into Bubble? I don’t want to use a plugin.

Have you set up webhooks?

No, but I should clarify…I DO use the Bubble Stripe plugin to sign my users up to a plan so I am okay with using that, if it will accomplish my goal. But I am not sure I can use that in conjunction with the Stripe Customer Portal to update my user’s plans back in Bubble. Are webhooks the only way to get the data back to Bubble? If so, then I guess I will need to delve into webhook tutorials, which I was really hoping to avoid. :confused:


Why? It’s important in any subscription based app that uses Stripe and isn’t that complex… a webhook just means Stripe pokes a backend workflow in your Bubble app when something happens so that you can run any necessary actions.

If it’s not that complex, I’m open to it. Do you have any good tutorials you can recommend?

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