Bubble's video on landing page

Does anyone know what element is used for displaying the three custom videos like on bubblie.io homepage (reference picture).

I’m interested in the fact that on click, it goes to the next video. Also, after x number of seconds it starts the next video.

Thanks in advance.

Pay a custom animator. It’s all custom animated.

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Sorry - I should have been more clear in my question. I’ve edited it for clarity. I’m actually wondering which element they’re using to display the custom videos. Any idea please?

Probably the image element
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 00.40.59

It’s likely that the image is rended as a gif, then uploaded to the image element

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Thabks johnny,

Do you have any ideas how theybstructured it so there are 3 gifs on top of each other? It appears there is a click operation cycling between the 3 gifs. Do they just hide and show the elements?

That’s probably animated into a Gif

Doubt that’s built in Bubble

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