Bubbling at the Y Combinator Hackathon

Hey all, @vlad and I decided to put our Bubble skills to the test at last weekend’s Y Combinator Hackathon. We didn’t bring home the grand prize, but we built a fully-functional email warm-up service called Mailmitten, and managed a full night’s sleep (which for me included a 5:30 wakeup by my daughter :slight_smile:).

I wrote up a few reflections on the experience here. I fully expect to see more Bubblers infiltrating these events soon!



Nicely done! This part of the timeline gave me a laugh :rofl:

The demo (Saturday 5–5:02pm)

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I loved the article, sounds like you had a fun time and still got a good night sleep, I can imagine there were many jealous coders!

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Slick work @ahaller - love the UX.

Awesome. Someone needs to set up a bubble based hackaton…

Was thinking along the same lines, though a centralised venue would be difficult to arrange.

Still great article and for well under 24 hours you guys achieved alot.

Bubble is my secret weapon at hackathons. I’ve won one healthcare hackathon, and got to the finals in another hackathon using Bubble. People are always impressed that I built something so complex in such a short amount of time. Usually you can add a lot of pages, or fake out pages to look like real ones quickly. Also, a lot of people code up fake signup and login pages luckily in Bubble you can set that up in < 5 mins and that sometimes makes people happy when they see that is fully integrated and working.


That’s awesome @BenBowdenE!

I vote Dallas, Texas. International airport. Tons of hotels. Centrally located. Usually warm.


Really like this a lot.

If you can be twice as productive, don’t work twice as much, get some sleep :slight_smile: