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Bug in current date time + days >13

Super strange apparent bug - I haven’t managed to duplicate it outside my app, but it makes no sense at all.

I have a Send Email action during which a count of overdue tasks in my app is calculated.

It does “Search for Tasks: count”

The criterion in the search for tasks is
Due < Current date time + days (14)

This produces a count of 1. However I know there are many more than this.

In fact if I change the value in + days from 14 to 13 it produces a result of 26 - i.e. when I make the criterion MORE restrictive, I get MORE results. This is clearly very broken. Here is a screenshot of the difference:

Not working
search entry


Also not working: if I change to +13 days +1 day, it stops working - i.e. as soon as I am adding 14 days to today’s date it breaks and reverts to claiming only 1 result.

Bear in mind that even if you cannot see my data this cannot be right - by increasing the number of days I am expanding the search horizon, so it absolutely should not return fewer results.

I suspect this may be some sort of arithmetic bug.

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Does it happen when you create new data and replicate on another page? If you’re unable to reproduce in the forum app, there might be something else going on within your page or data. Perhaps you could also share a link?

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