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Bug in date type?

In addition - and related - to my immediate previous query on handling dates, I seem to be hitting my head against another issue: when extracting a ‘day’ from a date, the returned value is never what I expect. Please clarify in case I have misunderstood the implementation, or if this is a known issue that I shouldn’t waste more time on.

Please reproduce in the forum app. Reporting bugs means creating a situation that can be reproduced, with an expected behavior, and an actual behavior. We can’t help if you say something like “the returned value is never what I expect”.

I could have been clearer on this issue but thankfully I’ve figured out the problem. I hadn’t realised the subtle but critical difference between extracting a ‘day’ and ‘date’ from a date type; I was simply picking the ‘day’ which cycles between 0-6 ‘days of the week’, instead of ‘date’ which returns the 0-31 ‘days of the month’.

I’ve offered some thoughts on documentation before, but this is an example where finer-grained clarity would be a time-saviour; even better when referenced with the very useful hover links inside the editor where such similar-looking but vastly different features sit.