Bug in new responsive editor?


For some reason I am having a terrible time with the new responsive editor today. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m not sure when this problem started as I’ve been comfortably able to adjust to the new editor.

Basically, my reusable popups are not resizing or displaying properly in both editor or preview mode. Its like once I move the reusable element onto another page, I lose the ability to change its dimensions in the Layout tab but only for SOME reusable elements. At the same time, any changes to its dimensions that I make within the reusable element, do not seem to translate onto other pages or in preview mode.

I have two popups that are nearly identical in terms of content and dimensions. popup1 already existed, and I’m recreating it from scratch as popup2. In the editor, I’m able to alter popup1’s dimensions to make sure its fitting nicely in the responsive design, but popup2, a near duplicate, does not offer me the same options.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

popup1-layout in preview

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If I can also add another odd example.

Let’s say that I create a reusable element. It’s default dimensions is 200x200.

Let’s say I then move that element onto a page and then go back within the reusable element and change its dimensions to 800x800. This will not change the dimensions on the other page. I’ve even tried deleting the reusable element and re-adding it to see if that would help and this does not work either.

I’ve been facing this problem as well.

Are you placing the reusable responsive pop up on a non responsive page?


No. Both of these elements have been placed on the same page/pages. But one displays properly and the other doesnt, but also, one has the options for me to change the dimensions and the other doesnt. But they’re basically the same images, its just one was upgraded to the new responsive design and the other was created from scratch using the new responsive design.

I’ve been at it for hours. I did not have this issue just a few days ago.

Same problem ((

I’ve reported the issue to Bubble Support and have been working with someone named Michael.

He was able to replicate my issue and has escalated it to the developer team. We’re still working on it.

I’ll update this thread when they come back with something.


Any updates? Looks like the attitude of reusable elements still the same… No response on changing of reusable element dimensions on pages where it’s placed. The only method to control is to use margins to keep dimensions in right manner…


I dont believe I’ve been having this issue for the last several months. Reusable popups have been working fine for me. Hopefully this issue hasnt come back.

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Can u try to reproduce my issue, if it’s possible?

On page of reusable element itself (for example header) change it’s height and check if it affected on other pages where this element placed. In my case changes of header dimensions does not affected on other pages where it’s placed. Actually I understand the reason for it in some specific cases, but generally what is the advantages of using reusable elements if it is not controlled by the source element?(

Thank u in advance:)