[BUG?] Issue Checker Issue - Issues Not Detected Until Page Visited

Has anyone else encountered the situation where an issue was not detected/reported by the issue checker until a specific page is visited?

For instance, a reusable element that was used on a particular page was apparently deleted, but Bubble didn’t report that issue until the page which used the deleted reusable element was actually visited in the editor.

Is that how it’s supposed to work? If so, how would one actually know it’s safe to deploy without explicitly “visiting” each page of the site first?



I’m getting the same thing. It’s likely resource intensive to check every page of every app every time a change is made.

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Thanks for the corroboration, @jared.gibb. Out of curiosity, about how many pages does your app have? I’m currently working as a collaborator on an app with about 70 pages (and 80 or so reusable elements). That doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but I’ve never encountered this issue on my own apps, which never have anywhere near that many pages.

Anyway, I’ve submitted a question to Bubble support to get clarification on the intended behavior. I’ll post here when I hear back.


I’m not sure if it’s only certain things that are only checked when you visit the page - as some things will appear straight away in the issue checker and some things don’t appear until you’ve visited the page.

I agree it’s frustrating to stumble across issues only when you actually go to the page to do any updates (which on some pages don’t happen often).

FWIW, this is direct from Bubble support…

The issue checker should be detecting issues regardless of what page they’re on or whether that page has been visited. If you have an instance of this that we could reproduce, would you mind sharing a test app and some steps?

The problem, of course, is that it’s nigh impossible to provide reproducible steps, since once the page is visited, the issue appears and remains. I haven’t come up with a way to predictably replicate a situation where I know in advance which page will exhibit the issue. :confused:

Hey all, I know the repro case on this might be tough, but definitely want to look into this! Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you’re running into this behavior.

Just wanted to reference this other topic where a user mentioned this issue in the context of app optimization.

When I’ve encountered this issue, it’s been unrelated to app optimization, but perhaps optimizing might be one way to create a reproducible case.

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