Toolbar error/issue tracker - only search current page

A small little change, but in the same way when using the ‘App search tool’ we can specify ‘only search current page’ - it would be nice to have this same checkbox when using the error/issue tracker, to drill down on the page development in-progress, rather than seeing all errors across the site.

Option available on the error/issue tracker



Agreed, I’ve requested this feature before and will second it here. It’d be incredibly helpful to have some filtering on the Issues Popup.

It’s really cumbersome when I’m working in an app that has an issues backlog and I’m constantly having to scroll through the list just to find what’s on the current page / app level / reusable element.


Ah yes missed this

All valid points and handy features that would flesh out the error/issue tracker a lot more.

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These requests always make me really curious about people’s workflows! I’ve never got to the point where I’ve had more than 3 issues at the same time, unless I made a breaking change. My first order of business is always having the environment be stable. I’m so interested to see how some folks get in the hundreds, and keep working instead of fixing them!

@andrewgassen - not so much for me, but for client apps I inherit. :slight_smile:

I typically like to start out any session/eval by quickly scanning the Issue Checker first. Helps me make sure I’m zeroing in on the right things.


Yeah I’m in agreement, generally like to keep a clean app with regards to low error rates.

Main reason being is transfer of apps that have existing errors or assisting someone then having to filter through errors related to different areas of the app. Also I’ve found if complex elements with a large num of custom states need migrating it can create errors in all directions.

I agree as well on this. When you have multiple people working on an app, segregating the issues to only the page you are working on would render the issue checker useful. Without it, it is hardly useable.

Also - if you you have something built in the composer that is displaying red, being able to display or navigate to that specific issue would be a god send.

Yes segregating the issue tracker would be nice.

By navigating specifically to an issue, can you expand on this? As we can already click and jump to an issue by clicking on the error itself and it will jump to the element, workflow…in question.


Yes, that is a good feature if you are going through the list of errors and knocking them down one by one, but in our case, we have more than one person working on a few dozen pages.

My point is the other way around, I would like to display the error in the issue checker from the inspectors specific composer entry:


So clicking on the red text maybe could take us to the issue tracker?

I am only a couple of months into bubble so maybe I am missing a better way to do that?