Bug or normal? Repeating Row Not Collapsing


Has anyone experienced the following:

if all groups within a repeating group row are hidden (collapsed) the repeating group row itself doesn’t collapse?

However, if I leave 1pt gap, repeating group row collapses to 1pf hight.

Is this a bug or silly feature?

Yes if it’s empty that’s what it does.

@emmanuel can this be fixed so that repeating group row behaves like normal group? I.e. if all groups within it collapse, the row FULLY collapses too?

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It would be brilliant if a repeating group could be collapsed!

The way I got around this is put the repeating group inside it’s own Group and set this to collapse when hidden. You can set a condition on the group to say if the repeating group has x data then show Group. Works well, but make sure you organise your group names as it can get messy!

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