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Overall Group Won't Collapse Height

I’ve arranged several possible displays into a group, only one of which will be used at any given time based on the data being displayed. The rest will be hidden, and have all be set to Collapse when hidden.

Here’s the structure:

It seems that one of the groups isn’t collapsing its height, because the display looks like this:

Perhaps it’s the repeating group that isn’t collapsing its row height? If so, I’m not sure how to get a repeating group row to collapse, except to have everything in it be collapsible. which I have done.

Any ideas on what could be causing this not to collapse, or what I need to change to make the rows show shorter, fit to content?


Hey @johndurso :wave:

I know that can be super frustrating.

Normally one of the first things I check are overlapping elements. ‘Question options first choice’ looks like it’s underneath the repeating group. It’s hard to tell though from a screenshot. If that’s true. A good quick test would be to delete that item to see if it collapses correctly. It might be the other item too.

Let me know if that helps. :blush:

Thanks, I did make sure that nothing is overlapping - I know it looks like they are in the screenshot but that’s just the bubble placeholder dynamic text spilling over. I just double checked and, no luck.

Would the Repeating Group have anything to do with it?

Hmm :thinking:

In the old responsive engine, repeating groups don’t really collapse when hidden. I remember having to put repeating groups in a group to colapse it when it was empty. You can try that.

Also, where is the hidden icon trash? Is that somehow getting in the way? It’s hidden in the elements tree.

Let me know if that helps any. :blush:

Otherwise, as another option, you can share a link to your project and we can take a look at it for you. Just make sure it’s ‘view only’ and not editable.

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