Bug? Table Columns become hidden forever

Was exploring the Table element, Unsure if I’m missing something but, If you set a table column to “This element is not visible on page load” and refresh the dashboard. It hides the column and cannot be unhidden or selected because it does not exist in the elements tree.

You can recreate the bug like this:

  • Add a table element,
  • Click on the column tab letter
  • and Uncheck the This element is visible on page load
  • Refresh the dashboard, You won’t be able to find the column again.

Make sure that the table direction is vertical

Is this a mistake or am i still a noob missing something here?

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If you uncheck the "element is visible on page load " The page is not going to render the element on page load but it will be there in the elements tree

Table columns are not present in element tree just rows and cells.

I actually struggled with this one as well. Columns won’t show up in the element tree, but they will appear in the item selection in the top bar. Select your hidden column and then change the settings.


Ahhh right, got it. Thanks a lot!

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