Bug - The 'See more' button in the data tab has disappeared

The data tab (that shows records in the db) ordinarily displays 50 records by default. Normally there is a ‘see more’ (or ‘load more’ or whatever) button that we press to see the next 50 records. Suddenly it is missing.

The result is that we can only see 50 records, without the ability to see the rest of the records in our data tab.

This affects all my apps. Anyone else seeing this?

I’ve filed a bug report.

Appears fine for me.

It disappears for me if the browser window isn’t wide enough - but reappears when I expand it out to around 1280px wide. I’ve noticed this in the past and confirmed it again just now.


Yeah, I see it too. Seems to happen when the content in the button bar wraps…


It “pushes” those bottom links down so they’re outside the browser viewport. They’re technically still “there”, but they’re “out of reach” b/c you can’t scroll to them. Should be a simple CSS fix for the Bubble team.

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I have a very wide screen and a wide browser window. And it has always been visible prior to now.

This has been escalated so I believe it’s being investigated.

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