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Hi Community,
I’m not sure if this bug is reported and in progress but here is my concern.

When I am in Data tab and fill in tables’ data manually, the data is visible. When I am in Design tab and have an input form where I submit the data, the data is written in the table but it is not visible in the Data tab. To see it, I have to click on edit pen on the field to see the contents.

Is this bug reported or not, because it seems so major for me.

The data tab takes a while to update. The data is there, but the view itself is slow. I never use it, I always build my own admin dashboards because it’s just worth the peace of mind for me.


Try hitting the ‘refresh data’ button which is usually visual on the bottom left of the table view. Having said that, I find different browsers are showing the data in that view differently. I have one table that has 5 rows and Safari and Chrome show only one so I can’t manually edit the others. However, Firefox shows all five rows … but Firefox has a whole lot of other bubble compatibility issues so I tend to have two browsers open at any time and jump between them. Hope that helps.

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I tried with Firefox and Chrome… same issues.

But this is really bad news for testing… So I have to create visual tables just to try my apps functionality on the tables?

How many records do you have? Is there any chance you have more than 50 and the table is just showing 50? If that’s a possibility then clicking ‘Load 50 more items …’ on the bottom right might show them. Anything’s worth a try. I’m having more issues like this since the new branding … could be a coincidence but I’ve no idea.

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It’s all just 5 or 6 rows :slight_smile: But the issue is only because I submitted the data through the design form. When I enter the data manually directly from the Data table it goes well and visible. This is a serious bug but I have no idea why it’s underestimated and not solved. And yes, I have clicked on refresh… all the table records are invisible but they are actually there.

Then I suggest you go to settings and set it the app as ‘anyone can view’ and email the details to bubble. Their support email is somewhere on the site. I’m not seeing that problem (I think).

I made a bug report already but I asked here on the forum as an extra step. I am developing a very complex web application… 10x more complex than Yahoo Answers. So this bug made me a bit suspicious about bubble stability and functionality.

I know how you feel. I just checked and I am experiencing the same problem. I had to create a new table because my tables have thousands of test records so I could not easily see but I do have exactly the same issue.

I’ve worried myself about using bubble but I have little in the way of alternatives at the moment. I need to get an app live and in users hands quickly and without a budget, so I’m plugging away but decidedly uncomfortable regardless of all the success stories I hear. There are just too many strange little things that happen.

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Hey Patricia, I was trying to send you a private message but there is no option on this forum. Can I contact you on any social app to ask you some questions on Bubble? Thanks.

Tap on my name and then select message :slight_smile:

Ok so you don’t trust me :slight_smile: If there was a message button, I have some 18 years of IT experience I would see it.

Nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But I can trump that. I have 36 years … but I’m not sure where it all went.

I’ll ping you for a chat in a few minutes.

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