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Bug with repeating grou/group heights?

Hi there,
I’ve been building on bubble for months now, and something really strange happened to my app ( today. This should be a simple fix, but I haven’t been able to do it :frowning:

I have repeating groups on the index page that show “communities”. The repeating group is fixed width. All the groups within the repeating group are fixed width. All elements are grouped. Yet, when I refresh my page, some groups of the repeating group show up longer than others. I’ve attached screenshots:

An overlay group and a content group exists inside each cell of each repeating group. They are all set to fixed width.

Will happily link editor to someone with a post history :slight_smile:

How do you have your background image constraints set for the group with the image background.

Hi Jared-- I was able to fix this problem myself. Just an error with the dynamic text groups inside of the image group element.


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